On yer’ Bike

Usually in the morning I like to go for a cycle ride before the day gets going and I get stuck into writing. My day starts early, around 5am, especially in summer when it is light; and as the bird’s start singing, I can’t stay asleep. But in winter – well that’s a different matter: then I have to fall out of bed, drag myself along the floor, and it’s really an effort to get up. The summer is just so alive and exciting.

Don’t Go, Stay Were You Are

This story is about one of these warm, summer mornings. I was getting ready to go out when I had a sense about something.
“Wait, don’t go yet, stay where you are, I have something to show you.” I was getting agitated.

The desire to get out cycling fought against what I felt was the Lord saying to me. I was finding it hard to be obedient, especially when I wasn’t sure what was happening.

Should I stay where I was? It was already 7.15 am and time was getting on. I struggled with this for a few moments then, in obedience, I decided to wait upon the Lord – although I wanted to go!

‘Okay Lord,’ I said, quoting from His word, ‘speak your servant is listening, what do You want to show me?’ I sat down and waited.

on yer bikeShould I Stay, or Should I Go?

I waited upon the Lord, praying and listening for about fifteen minutes. Then I once again felt the urge to get out on my bike. The desire to go cycling was winning.

I couldn’t concentrate, although I knew that the Lord was speaking, I could sense His presence.

The whole thing became a struggle. Should I stay where I was? Should I go out? Which was the best thing to do? Should I stay here in God’s presence, or could I go cycling now? I stood up and rebelliously decided that I was going cycling.


I headed for the door, then I was walking downstairs to the garage where my bike was. I put on my cycling gear, opened the garage door and took my bike outside.

Then noticed that the tyre was punctured, so I couldn’t go cycling after all, and there was not enough time to mend it. I put my bike away, got changed out of my cycling gear, and came back upstairs, entered the room again and closed the door.

It’s Only a Dream

What happened next really got my heart thumping: the trip down the stairs into the garage, the change of clothes and the knowledge that my bike had a puncture, had been a dream. The truth was: I had never even left the room.

I had imagined all that had happened. What did this mean? I dismissed it as a figment of my imagination. I felt quite glad about this and so standing up–in reality this time–opened the door, went down the stairs into the garage.

The bike was there. I changed into my cycling gear, opened the garage door, leaned the bike against the car, and, as I fastened my helmet looked down at the tyre: it had a puncture! What! It was just as I had imagined.

Shaking my head in amazement, I pushed the bike back into the garage, got changed, went back upstairs, and stood in the room.

I Told You So

I knew that this had not been a coincidence. I knew that the Lord had been trying to show me something. For some reason He had not wanted me to go out cycling that morning, and He had shown me this.

First, by asking me to stay with Him. Then, secondly, in my disobedience, and in His love, He had shown me that even if I should try and go out cycling I wouldn’t be able to.

In my weakness I had failed to grasp these messages until it was that I actually stood before my bike looking at the puncture and seeing everything happen exactly as He had shown me it would.

I’ll Never Know

So I sat down with Him again, thanked Him for His guidance. This all happened in the summer of 2010, and to this day I still do not know why I could not have gone out cycling.

Maybe it was just because He wanted me to stay with Him. Maybe it was because He was protecting me from something, I don’t know, but I do know that if we are to walk with Him in the Spirit then we really need to keep our ears and eyes open at all times. We need to be continually alert for His whispers and His guidance, and then be obedient to it.

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