Halloween, myth or fact?

It’s Halloween time again. Imagery of ghosts, evil characters, monsters, death and gore flood our nation, providing commerce with increasing income. Children roam our streets dressed as monsters and ghouls play pranks on people – tricking and treating.

I was discussing Halloween at work recently and of course we talked about demons and evil spirits. Some people commented that they thought playing with Ouija boards would be ‘cool’ and they might try it. In 2 Cor. 4:4 Paul writes about how the ‘god of this world’ [satan] has blinded the eyes of people so they cannot see the truth, and that those that are not spiritually discerned are walking in darkness (1 Cor. 2:14).

HalloweenPeople may shout, ‘humbug’ as I decry Halloween. In fact, many Christians happily celebrate the festival, but I wonder at this, and fail to understand how Christians could entertain glorifying evil in this way. Or is it, after all, just a bit of fun? Through Halloween, satan is glorified by these activities and not God, and to me that seems incongruous with Christianity.

As I think about Halloween, I also think of the reason Jesus died for us. Do people realise, I wonder, that the excitement experienced in watching scary films, playing monsters, and engaging in evil activities will one day become a reality and a part of everyday life. We watch films such as ‘The Exorcist’, or ‘Paranormal Activities’, get scared out of our shoes, then return home to a comfortable, safe house and try to forget about it. How distressing it would be if we fully interacted, on a daily basis, with the scary things we watch.

At the return of Christ, the restraining power is removed from the earth, (2 Thess. 2: 6-12), and evil will have full reign over mankind and creation – for a little while. The prospect of living each day in a place where the events we see on scary films will be a reality is what really scares me, and not someone dressed as a ghost or zombie.

Jesus came to earth, as God in human form, to die for us. He experienced horrific pain in a scene more disturbing than the most horrific horror film could ever be. Jesus rose from the dead – but not as a zombie – to save us from living an eternity with evil, loosely described as hell. The reason God did this is because of His great love for us. God does not want anyone to spend eternity without Him, in suffering and pain, and that is why He died for us.

We are all covered by sin. It is like a disease upon our body; we cannot get rid of it. Our sin is against God (Rom. 3:23) first and foremost; with this disease we can never come into His presence. Without Jesus we are slaves to satan, we are his prisoners; we are not free, and our destiny is to be eternally chained to him and live without God for eternity. Jesus can set us free from satan’s chains and open heaven’s gates to us by removing all our sin. In this sinless state, we are holy and without blame as we stand before God (Col.1:21,22).

What grieves me is how people blindly continue to glorify satan and reject Jesus (Jn. 3:36), considering themselves free. One-day satan will be unrestrained upon the earth, and even the most repulsive acts of evil we see today will pale into insignificance in the light of what will happen. Compared to these apocalyptic events Halloween will seem like a picnic.

At the return of Jesus all who believe and trust in Him will enter heaven. All who are still covered by their sin will experience a place where God is absent for eternity, there will be no second chance, (Lk. 16:20-25). It is God’s will that all who behold and believe in Jesus will have eternal life, and not eternal death (Jn.6:40).

So tonight, as monsters gather, and people blindly enjoy Halloween, I would rather not gloat and celebrate the activities of evil; not glorify monsters, vampires, ghouls, and ghosts. I do not want to be part of all that is dark. I would rather walk in the light of Jesus; that is love, peace, healing, fellowship and kindness, and celebrate that each and every day. Have a nice night, sorry I won’t join you.

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