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Throw Out the Sabbath

She asked me a question: should we throw out the Sabbath? Jesus doodled in the sand before a woman convicted of adultery. He enlightened them, when they asked Him whose money it was; to whom they...

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On yer’ Bike

Usually in the morning I like to go for a cycle ride before the day gets going and I get stuck into writing.My day starts early around 5am, especially in summer when it is...

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God’s Image is Homeless in Glasgow

I am in Glasgow. It is dark. By lamplight, cold, damp stairs lead down into a dark indiscriminate jumble of cardboard, rags and boxes. It is raining. I glance, walk past, stop, then turn back....

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What is heaven Like? What is Hell Like?

This morning my daughter asked me the question: “What is heaven like, and what is hell like?  Is heaven a fluffy place, and hell a nasty place?” I thought about this for a moment,...

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Flying Pigs on the Summit

Flying Pigs on the Summit “It’s impossible, can’t ever be done!” “Why not!” Simon replied. “I mean … you couldn’t move this mountain, could you? You’re gullible if you believe all the stuff it...

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